What? Access wellness adjustments in the workplace with group training 
Why? To energise employees and leaders so they can adjust well, work well and lead well 
How? Using a Simplified Wellness approach created by Sam Rehan 
S I M P L I F I E D Wellness. Taught Well. Pehaps a demo? 
A positive business case for employers to invest in staff wellbeing... 
Employers can expect to get an average return of  
£5 for every £1 spent (5:1) 
Source-'Mental health and employers:  
Refreshing the case for investment'  
-Deloitte 2020 
Why a Simplified Wellness approach? 
Addressing the desire for results without wanting to change  
is a common challenge when it comes to wellness.  
Sam teach wellness in a proven way that minimises resistance to change 
(The highest performing organisations have three times more positive energisers than normal organisations) 
Sam has been described as an 'employee energiser' and 'one of the most positive person you'll meet' 
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