'I am here to serve, be real, and be a support for others in their well-being' - Sam Rehan 
Bio in 100 words 
Sam Rehan, a Stress Consultant, a corporate trainer and wellness teacher is known as The Well-being Motivator. With a 30-year background in science, scientific research, corporate training, health, and management, she energises and expands health in employees, leaders and individuals using her signature SIMPLIFIED WELLNESS adjustment techniques. These can be taught during workplace lunch and learns. Sam has taught professionals from various industry sectors such as legal, financial, education and many more. A professional member of The International Stress Management Association, Sam worked as a scientist for six years and holds a BSc. She is the author of the health book: "Laugh More, Soar In Your Health, Career, and Relationships," available in audio and print. 
Meet Sam Rehan 
Born in the UK, with a mixed heritage (Indian, Pakistani and Afghanistani), Sam spent 18 years in the north of England. After completing a science degree in 1993 (London, England), she worked as a development scientist in the city of Oxford. After five years, she went on to gain sales experiences in the medical and science industries. She then found her passion in training professionals and working with groups. Sam spent 12 years as a global trainer and taught in over 44 locations worldwide. She works as a part-time carer for people with dementia and has supported individuals experiencing health challenges. She is additionally a qualified holistic health practitioner and mother of two children.  
Sam loves the outdoors (lives near the Ashdown Forest in Sussex). She has an assortment of rescue animals. 
She loves science-fiction (is a Trekkie!), good quality chocolate, vintage furniture and often found de-cluttering! 
Sam's mission  
To motivate and teach individuals elevated health and wellbeing, and authentic productivity.  
Sam's vision  
To teach straightforward well-being adjustments to support all people in reaching their full potential. 
Sam's Well-being Activism 
Sam is passionate about working globally—that is, with all groups of people, workplaces, charities and communities. She works with flexibility and with inclusion for all ages, abilities, health statuses and backgrounds. Her top strengths are kindness, fairness, gratitude, creativity, teamwork, excellence, leadership and last but not least, humour! 
She is based in the UK but globally active. 
Locations where Sam has taught people face-to-face 
Why I wrote my book Laugh More - 90 seconds watch 
Sam Rehan shares what motivated her to write her book Laugh More. 
...Soar In Your Health, Career and Relationships 
Why I wrote my book Laugh More - 90 seconds watch 
Sam Rehan shares what motivated her to write her book Laugh More.  
...Soar In Your Health, Career and Relationships 
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