What would happen if you were happier and more relaxed?  Hello and welcome to more wellbeing... for ALL   I am a Wellbeing Professional* & Speaker: Arrange a productive chat Mental Health & Supportive De-stress sessions: workplaces  * teams * individuals * conferences * communities * charities *With a 30 years' background in health, science, research and corporate training*    'Thank you so much for organising the workshop! I thought the session was great and will recommend the session to other managers for their staff to attend. It was short and to the point and I enjoyed the session and found it really useful – Sam gave us some useful tips – it actually reduced the tension in my shoulders 😊' HR Officer (March 2021)  Sam has practised ultimate wellbeing for over 30 years! Individual ? Book a supportive session 


 Inspirational short sessions for the workplace:  Stress Less at your Desk Laughter Well-being for Team-building and Team Strengthening Expand your Mental Health and more   "Calming the emotional brain and accelerating the thinking brain for greater health and increased focus and better ourcomes at work and beyond  'Sam came to our offices and provided a Wellbeing Talk.  We get a lot of speakers but Sam's talk was well received. She made us laugh and learn.  We will be booking her again.' - Lee Clark, Divisional Director, Brewin Dolphin More happy clients 

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Relaxation video - Relax Fast in 3 

De-stress NOW 

Anxious and feeling stressed? Short fast techniques to help you feel calmer 

Laugh more for health 

Access deeper healthy breathing and more happy feel good chemicals to help you feel better- with zero jokes. 

More energy in minutes 

Tired and want to gain energy to allow you to manage your personal and working life? Easy fast techniques to energise you. 

Meet Sam Rehan 

Since 2008, Sam has worked to enrich the happiness and health of people from all walks of life. She shares easy, fast accessible ways to help you access more relaxation... even with laughter 

Access Sam's Relaxation Laughter classes 

Sam is an instructor on the popular Mind & Body app - designed for everyone... effort not performance 

Laugh More 

Sam is the author of Laugh More,  
Soar In Your Health, Career and Relationships 
'Liked the range of learning and how simple it is to make a difference to you and others around you. It made me reflect on myself and I also learnt from others. Sam is clearly 
knowledgeable and energising'. 
- Paul Coley, Group Personnel & Development Manager, Elite Hotels 
'Thank you so much Sam for the fabulous Wellbeing day. I am just going through my notes and practicing some of the wonderful techniques you shared with us. I shall be using them regularly to feel energised, focused and calm during my busy days'. 
- karen Abi-Karam, Founder, HART Holistic Support 
'Sam came to our offices and provided a Wellbeing Talk. We get a lot of speakers but Sam's talk was well received. She made us laugh and learn. We will be booking her again.' 
- Lee Clark, Divisional Director, Brewin Dolphin 
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