Group learning  
provides emotional support, motivates individuals to achieve goals, and creates 
a sense of belonging and connection to others.  
All which can have a positive impact on  
both physical and mental health. 
We’ve observed that certain relationships within those networks are extraordinarily life-enhancing and uplifting. 
The result is extraordinary performance. 
In particular, there’s usually one person at the center of these networks 
who’s responsible for most of the forward motion 
— not to mention well-being — 
of all the rest. 
We call them positive energizers. 
Emma Seppälä - Faculty Director, Yale School of Management 

 Sam is a natural group energiser  and with her well-being expertise,  she teaches you and your teams to access more personal energy  ... resulting in GROWTH of your business with vibrant energised employees,  fuelling a culture of authentic productivity,  a deeper sense of purpose  and sustaiable wellness.   Personalised science-backed well-being programs  sustainable self-care techniques.  Sam emphasises simplicity with methods she personally uses,  focusing on immediate stress reduction and long-term well-being.  Collaborating with business leaders, Sam promotes self-leadership for  individual and organizational success, employing a gentle and enthusiastic facilitation style.  Workplace outcomes?  ...Improved performance, innovation, and long-term success.  Sam often infuses her session with laughter  (She is a Professional Laughter Yoga teacher - people who laugh together work well together)   

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