Would you be suprised to learn that expressing gratitude frees up headspace so you can think more clearly and access more clarity?  
Memories of past events, conversations and tasks take up precious mental space and you can feel heavy when you ponder the past. 
Gratitude lightens the mental load, as it brings you FIRMLY to the present moment and replaces any old redundant energy sapping thoughts. Gratitude moves you from stress to relaxation and helps you think more positvely to generate solutions. 
Gratitude Exercise 1 
A super fast way to access gratitude fast is to say 'I am grateful for this moment.' It immediately brings you to the present. What if you are experiencing a challenge/challenges in the present moment? Bring your attention to what is good now... for example, I am alive, I am breathing, I have options I can explore and I can ask for help. 
Gratitude Exercise 2 
As part of your daily morning schedule, write down 5- 10 things you are grateful for. My list this morning included: my children, my health, my work, my friends, my warm home, wholesome food, clean water, heating etc. As you write, the process is deeper as it involves touch (you holding your pen/pencil, or writing equipment), litening (you say the words in your head as you write) and sight . To further deepen the gratitude READ YOUR COMPLETED LIST OUTLOUD with emotion.  
Gratitude Exercise 3 
Think of the day and week ahead. Who will you be interacting and communicating with? A particular co-worker, customer or family member? 
Write down... I am grateful for [insert name] because..
List 5-7 things about them that you are gratful for. For example, they listen deeply, they are positive, they have a great personality, they suport you etc. Prior to interacting with the named person, perhaps in the morning, read your gratitude list outloud to access the postivity. When you interact with the person, notice how your meeting is and how you feel. It is likely you feel more attentive and even access deeper listening.  
Cultivate the three exercise above, daily for 30 days and I promise you that you will feel more present, positive and powerful in dealing with day to day tasks and your interactions with others at work and beyond. 
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