Build stronger relationships with your  colleagues and clients with... healthy communication 

Would you like open communication, focused solutions and connected teams? And save time? I offer a powerful process to bring sucess to your projects... in as short as 90 minutes. 

A Powerful Process to Bring Sucess to your Projects Be more effective, manager more easily & accelerate your career  

'The most basic of all human needs is the need to understand and be understood. The best way to understand people is to listen to them.' 
Ralph G. Nichols 

In a workplace rich with Healthy Communication, there is more cooperation between individuals to strongly strengthen and make your organisation more successful  Active listening is fully concentrating on, engaging in, and absorbing what someone else is saying to you.  Hiring a communication consultant allows you to deeply understand what is working and what is negatively impacting the business. How can your business work better at these challenging times?  Most people strive to do their best and will volunteer rich valuable information if given the right attention. Listening well enables you to acquire knowledge so that you can make decisions that benefit your business and move forward in a more productive way. Give someone a chance to share in a non-judgemental and safe space and they will provide you with invaluable information. You can improve morale and productivity by understanding what motivates, what is working and what is not. Employees will share, if you care and ask in the right way.   ... happier staff lead to happier clients and customers. 

Generate Ideas and Uncover Blocks  
to Success 
What happens in a Healthy Communication Session ? 
Healthy Communication is a trusted team communication process. It is facilitated to uncover blocks to success and empower groups to connect for successful solutions.  
Deep understanding is developed in teams and ideas are generated in a safe space where everyone can be heard. 
Between two and twelve participants 
The communication process is solution driven 
Facilitated so ALL present can contribute, be heard and respected in a safe supported process 
Optimum solutions emerge from a diversity of opinion 
Suitable for any group of people who have a common goal 
'Sam is hugely enthusiastic and communicates in a way to bring out the best in everyone' 
'Healthy communication immediately inspires and promotes powerful possibilities' 
'Sam facilitates  
team communication  
in a powerful way' 
Trained professionals in over 44 locations worldwide 
30 years corporate experience (training, management, sales and science reseach) 
30 year veteran of ultimate wellbeing 
Background in science, health & positive psychology 
Professional member of the International Stress Management Ass. 
Rich corporate background in group training and motivation 
Holistic practitioner and workplace relaxation technique trainer 
One of the top Professional Laughter Wellbeing facilitators in the UK 
Author of 'Laugh More' 
Highly experienced & facilitated group training since 2000 
A Mind & Body instructor on the popular App 'Revoola' 
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