Imagine a calmer place where you can access more of your natural energy and be more effective, whatever your role. 
Prevention is better than cure when it comes to maintaining well-being in the workplace. When we are in physical isolation, keeping everyone connected, engaged and healthy is paramount. A session of sharing self-care and work-life balance techniques promotes well-being and team bonding for a happier, more effective workforce. 
The de-stress power session will allow participants to handle current stress better and teach strategies to shut down future stress more quickly. Sam uses straightforward science to share a practical, well-informed methodology for strengthening mental health. She demonstrates simple, focused and highly effective self-soothing techniques and attendees explore an experiential adventure leading to increased calm, relaxation and effectiveness, whatever their workload or role. 
Sam gives tangible and practical advice so everyone can take immediate action, work smarter and access more happiness and health. Sam lives and models mental and physical health and  
has 30+ years of ultimate well-being behind her. 
The de-stress power session: 
Proven strategies from the neuroscience and best practices to: 
'Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn. 
Xun Kuang 
The workshop does well as a stand-alone session, such as Lunch and Learn, or as a 
well-being keynote for a company conference, training or product/sales launch.  
Suitable for large or small gatherings.  
A training room not always needed... sessions can be delivered in the boardroon, shop floor etc. 
Remote or circumstances permitting face to face 
Powerful techniques to switch off stress at the desk in minutes 
Manage stress, pressure, and overwhelm 
Increase focus, attention, and impulse control 
Recharge brains and bodies 
Increase happiness and achieve a work-life balance 
Bespoke session with practical demonstration and practice... 
techniques that can be used at the desk 
The International Stress Management Association 
Sam is a Professional member of The International Stress Management Association [ISMAUK], a registered charity and the lead professional body for workplace and personal Stress Management, Well-being and Performance. 
The ISMAUK promote sound knowledge and best practice, nationally and internationally. 
What is stress?  
Stress: ‘the adverse reaction people have to excessive pressures or other types of demand placed on them’.  
Employees feel stress when they can’t cope with pressures and other issues. Employers should match demands to employees’ skills and knowledge. For example, employees can get stressed if they feel they don’t have the skills or time to meet tight deadlines. Providing planning, training and support can reduce pressure and bring stress levels down.  
In the workplace, six main areas of work design which can effect stress levels: 
1. Demands 
2. Control 
3. Support 
4. Relationships 
5. Role 
6. Change 
* As defined by the HSE (correct as of Sep 2020) 
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