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LIVE CHAT...Talk show host T. Lynn Tate sits down with Author, Speaker, & Trainer, Sam Rehan to discuss the well-being journey to wholeness and authenticity while  
laughing our way to healing. 
PODCAST...Nadine, founder and teacher of the trusted Calmer self Method sits down with Author, Speaker, & Trainer, Sam Rehan. Find out how Sam teaches you, to use laughter to reduce stress and anxiety. Discover what you can do to lift your mood when you feel unable to laugh. 
METRO NEWSPAPER ...In the winter of 2015, I felt totally overwhelmed. In the space of exactly one week, my son suffered a concussion on a school trip, a young and close family member suddenly passed away and, after years of working in science, I was told my job was going to be made redundant.On top of this, I was living as a single mother with my two young children (one with regular medical needs) in temporary accommodation in Sussex. 
PODCAST INTERVIEW MAGIC MINDSET MENTOR Fred Eijkenboom, talks to Author, Trainer & Coach, Sam Rehan. Hear how laughter lifts your energy up and creates a wonderful balance for living. 
Sam 'Wellbeing Support for ALL' shares easy practical techniques to reduce stress and increase focus.... delivered with humour for health and straightforward science.  
Laughter supported my mental health and I now lengthen laughter for many people worldwide. Read more ! 
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