'If you intend well-being as your number one want and make it a priority, you will power in more productive time and  
deliver better decisions.' - Sam Rehan, Well-being Motivator and Master CorporateTrainer 
'It was chance to slow down and to learn techniques and methods for 
relaxing and calming the mind. 
The techniques and methods were 
explained in a very clear and calm way. I have put some of your techniques and advice in to action and I have already found them useful. Thank you'. - Solicitor 
Why book Sam? 
Sam is a high-impact Well-being Professional and Stress Management expert, who works with teams and individuals in high-pressure environments to maximise and accelerate their thinking brain and calm and soothe their emotional brain. She offers interactive, fun sessions with valuable tools to enhance workplace performance via a strong mind and strong body. Sam teaches professionals how to be well, so they can work well and ultimately lead well. 
Sam's Approach... 
Sam customises inspirational well-being programs, she also lives and models those techniques.  
She uses a gentle, nurturing approach and is mindful to draw out the strengths of the individuals and teams with whom she works, expanding on their skillsets to add and maintain healthier habits. Simple changes lower health risks, which in turn lowers the chance of chronic disease and prolonged absence from work. 
She facilitates with high energy, enthusiasm and expertise. 
How Sam teaches... 
Sam magnifies mental health through well-being strategies 
She teaches businesses and executives how to overcome stressful situations using simple, sustainable self-care techniques.  
She specialises in short methods, backed by science, that work for the long term.  
Her clients access immediate strategies aimed at reducing unnecessary sources of stress and increasing well-being.  
Sam has a particular interest in working collaboratively with business leaders to develop and maintain their self-leadership through the foundation of a strong body and mind. Successful self-leadership is a critical factor for individual and organisational achievement and is essential in a changing world. 
Sam’s significant experience includes over 3 decades of expertise from corporate training, management, 
and a background in health, science and scientific research... 
Global outlook, Sam has trained professionals (face to face) in over 30 countries, 44 locations worldwide 
Master corporate trainer - training groups and individuals since 2000 
30 years corporate experience (training, management, sales and science reseach) 
30 year veteran of ultimate wellbeing 
Background in science, health & positive psychology (BSc. in Biological Sciences, as well as qualifications in anatomy and physiology) 
Professional member of the International Stress Management Ass. 
Stress Management Well-being & Performance Coach (Cognitive Behaviour) 
Rich corporate background in group training and motivation 
Holistic practitioner and workplace relaxation technique trainer 
One of the top Professional Laughter Wellbeing facilitators in the UK 
Published author: her health and self-development book 'Laugh More', a 9 Step Journey, Soar in your Health, Career and Relationships (available on Audible, Kindle, Applebooks etc) 
Highly experienced corporrate trainer (since 2000) 
A Mind & Body instructor on the popular App 'Revoola (for corporates & individuals) 
Metal Health First Aid, (MHFA, England) 
Professional Workplace Laughter Wellbeing Teacher 
Registered Holistic Practitioner, since 2008, Tapping (EFT) Practitioner & Craniosacral 
Facilitator for ‘The Way of Council’ group process, which offers a way of communicating that encourages attentive listening and creates room for new insights and understandings in decision-making. 
Science background: BSc (Hons) & 5 years' drug development exp. 

Sam's vision  and mission 

Sam's mission is to teach and share self-care skills across organisations to inspire and instil better health and wellbeing. 
Sam's vision to empower all people in communities worldwide to achieve a stronger mind and body and to realise their full potential through implementing straightforward and easily accessible self-care methods. 
Sam loves the outdoors (lives near the Ashdown Forest in Sussex). She has 3 cats, 4 guinea pigs and one rabbit. She loves science-fiction (is a Trekkie!). Addtionally loves chocolate, vintage furniture and often found de-cluttering!  
A bit more about Sam!  
Born in the UK, with a mixed heritage (Indian, Pakistani and Afghanistani), Sam spent 18 years in the north of England. After completing a science degree in 1993 (London, England), she worked as a development scientist in the city of Oxford. After five years, she gained sales experience in the medical and scientific arena. She then found her passion in training professionals and working with groups. Sam spent 8 years as a global trainer and taught in over 44 locations worldwide. She has worked as a part-time carer for people with dementia and has supported individuals experiencing health challenges. She is additionally a qualified holistic health practitioner and mother of two children.  
Sam began teaching her ultimate wellbeing techniques 30 years ago. Since 2008, she has worked to enrich the happiness and health of people from all walks of life. She shares easy, fast accessible ways to help you access more relaxation. She only teaches the methods, that she uses, for ultimate wellbeing to generate more happiness. Sam strives to live and model well-being. 
Sam is passionate about working globally - that is with all groups of people, workplaces, charities and communities. She works with flexibility and with inclusion for all - all ages, abilities, health status or background. Her top strengths are kindness, fairness, gratitude, creativity, teamwork, excellence, leadership and lastly, but not least humour! She is based in the UK but globally active. 
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